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Elos Omega Amino Acid Coral Food


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Omega Amino Acid (50mL)

In nature, to maintain enough amino acid input to live and grow corals normally feed on plankton, either bacterial plankton, micro plankton, or "large" plankton. Unfortunately live plankton in closed aquarium is normally absent. Amino acids are also supplied by the zooxanthellae, mono-cellular algae which included in the endoderm cells of the corals, live symbiotically with many coral species. The corals` polyps take up the assimilation products that they excrete (carbohydrates, glycerin and amino acids) to live. Unfortunately, in some type of modern aquarium even the activity of zooxanthellae is significantly reduced and sometimes even intentionally impaired. The results are that corals can really "survive" in a precarious equilibrium.

If direct feeding is the best way to feed certain corals species (large LPS and soft corals), when aquarium are densely populated even with SPS this can really become unpractical and, even more, will significantly raise the level of pollutant building up resulting in increased Nitrate and Phosphate levels. Indirect feeding is then the best way to feed corals such as Acropora and/or Seriatopora and in general it is the only way in large community aquarium densely populated by several species of corals.

We have first discovered after several tests that in closed systems some species of corals (mainly SPS) could significantly benefit from a reduced addition of organic additives combined with a selective integration of amino acids. Based on these researches we have introduced to the market Elos OMEGA: the first amino acid based product available to the aquarium market.

Introduced in 1997 it is still the best product available. Based on the original researches of our laboratory, its unique formula is made to supply all the necessary amino acids and vitamins into the water and therefore really substitutes the function of zooplankton in the aquarium. It contains several amino acids in the correct proportions and in a composition very close to the one found in coral skeletons. Elos OMEGA is the ultimate additive to recreate the water conditions in and around natural coral reefs. It delivers 17 important marine amino acids necessary for the absorption and utilization of calcium. Once supplying Elos OMEGA your corals will significantly reduce their need of live food and this will significantly reduce the level of dissolved organics and also nitrogenous waste as a by-product of protein metabolism.


Original formula: the first amino acid integrator available on the aquarium market
Superior nutritional profiles: excellent amino acid profile
No preseervatives: does not contains phosphate based preservative

Note: Elos OMEGA is the ORIGINAL amino acid formula. In it we use only pure amino acids sources. Similar products available on the market contain various inorganic phosphate salts intentionally added to them as preservatives. To avoid the need of these preservatives we take great care to packing condition, which are made in low contaminated controlled atmosphere.

Manufacturer Information

ELOS: the ultimate supplements and equipments for marine and planted aquariums.

Elos is an aquaristik company that is exclusively dedicated towards the development, production, and marketing of specialised, high quality products for the aquarium market.

We apply the latest advances in marine and fresh water sciences into our manufacturing and products. We are environmentally responsible as well as respectful of the key ethic rules on employment and production. Almost all our products are made in Italy, through few, well trained Internal Employee with the help of key external suppliers, Universities and Research Centres.

Our commitment is to invest in the future, we take great care of details and innovations but beside this we also take care of our traditions. We apply modern process, but we also use traditional techniques, employing local craftsmen for the production.

We take great care in designing our products, and packs to simplify their use making them pleasant to see and to touch. From the first contact with our products you will immediately perceive the care to produce them and the great attention toward each single detail.

For all this we invite you, by heart, to try our products. Join your passion with us, use our products and make the best out of them and, we are sure, You will experience the delight of creating your personal, unique underwater world in a beauty you have never seen before.

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