About Us

Holding Hands With Giants
Where We Started Small

ReefTec was founded on the belief that EVERY brand deserves love and care. Big or small, we are obsessed with our partner’s brands and committed to their success.

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Our Values

Relationships Matter

Both with our partners and our customers, relationships make all the difference and are our highest priority.

Every Brand Matters

Every product has a market, an ideal customer waiting for it. All that’s left is to find them.

Relentlessly Pursue Growth

Never stagnate. Always keep growing with every tool at our disposal.

Raising The Standard

Never settled for “good enough”. Aim high and exceed expectations.

Treat Your Brand Like Our Own

We treat our partners as we would like to be treated and help beyond the call of duty.

We Relentlessly Pursue Progress

It takes commitment and relentless pursuit of progress to stand with big brands. We push forward where others stall.

We Care About Small Brands

Think your brand or product is too small to grow? Let us prove you wrong. We don’t give up on our partners because we have the tools and experience to trailblaze into exciting opportunities.
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Never stop without even trying.

Based in Las Vegas.

We chose Las Vegas because of its rich, vibrant history and shining future. It’s MUCH more than the glitz and glam. Vegas has become a hub of exciting opportunity and information for companies of all sizes. And, just like ReefTec, the city never stops moving into the future.