Our Approach

Helping Partners of Every Size Grow Fast - FOR FREE

Our bleeding-edge infrastructure integrates with your brand to bring you a turn-key solution on every level of the selling journey…

all without you paying a cent.

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Search Engine Market Share

Google holds over 91% of search engine market share.

Meaning you need an SEO plan that works with Google so customers can find your products when they search.

Online Shopping

63% of all shopping starts online

Even when the product in bought in store! An online presence is necessary for everyone, even retail stores. This also means online products can compete with traditional retail stores…

People Shopping Online

2.14 Billion People Made Online Purchases in 2021

That’s around a quarter of the world’s population. This is a huge (and ever growing) market. The biggest there’s ever been in HISTORY.

Amazon Prime Members

76 Million Amazon Prime Members in 2022

That’s a lot of customers who need Prime shipping. We go one step further and exceed those standards.

Growth At Every Size

Tired of being ignored? Many companies don’t care about small brands.

But not everyone comes to us as a giant. Gain the attention your product deserves even if your brand is small. If you have no idea how to start – don’t worry. Most don’t! We’ll give you every ounce of care our biggest partners enjoy, and direct you step-by-step along the selling journey.

Enjoy the equal treatment that gives you the chance to grow into a GIANT.

Personalized Brands

Tired of seeing faceless brands with no personality or story? So are we. And our customers agree!

Make your brand more than a mere name plastered onto box and create an emotional connection to customers with our brand specialists. There’s no excuse for a lacking brand identity.

This is another layer rarely ever seen on Amazon.

What Does A Personalized Brand Bring?

Loyalty and brand evangelists. You think a simple product like soap or dog food doesn’t have an emotional connection to people? Think again.

Every consumer buys products for emotional reasons. A brand connection helps justify their emotional purchases and create a LASTING connection to your brand. This means repeat sales and recommendations to their friends and family. In other words, GROWTH.

It’s a wonder so few companies bother making a real brand. But we do.

Our Advantage - Your Gain

SEO Optimization Using Cutting Edge Technology

SEO gets your product in the biggest search engines so prospects can find you instead of your competitor. SEO standards constantly change, forcing lazy competitors to fall behind when customers are searching for their product. We make constant adjustments to our practice to keep up with the rapidly changing SEO standards. We won’t let your product fall behind the competition.

MAP and Trademark Enforcement

Our legal team and built-out technology protects our partners from trademark infringement.

Differentiated Brands

Around 3,700 sellers join Amazon EVERY DAY. You must stand out from the crowd to win. Most products have to brand personality or think their product is too simple to have one. Not true! No matter how small your product may seem, we strive to create a brand connection with your customers so they buy from you again and again. Don’t settle for mediocrity and get lost in the growing sea of generic sellers.

Targeted Advertising

Go BIG. Scientifically reach your ideal customer with the most efficient and effective advertising techniques. You don’t want just any eyes on your product, you want YOUR customers to see your brand. This is the most efficient advertising method out there.

Listing Optimization

66% of customers start their searches on Amazon, and most purchases are first page results. Second page results sell shockingly less. This means you NEED listing optimization to get found. Our optimization experts keep your product on the front page so you don’t become another brand lost in Amazon’s jungle.

Logistics Management

You probably didn’t start your company to manage logistics. But we love data. Whether it be storing your product in the warehouse, or managing shipping and returns, we handle it all so you can focus on what matters.

Fast, Safe Shipping

Late and broken packages can anger your paying customers. Some customers are down-right put off buying from brands that arrive too late or torn apart. Using the latest techniques and logistical management, we ship to your customers faster than they expect and in flawless shape. No late shipping. No torn boxes. Just happy customers.

Legal Protection (Optional Addon Service)

Our experienced legal team keeps your brand SAFE against copyright infringement and lawsuits. This is a MUST in the modern Amazon Marketplace.

Regulation Management

Amazon constantly changes their rules and regulations. Sometimes this is nationwide. Others are state level. The result is a spaghetti bowl of rules you MUST follow to sell on Amazon. That’s why you need someone capable of keeping up and making changes on the fly to keep your products in the hands of paying customers.

Professional Photographs

Capture your product’s good side with professional pictures. This especially helps products stand out from the crowd. No more generic pictures with lazily photoshopped products in them! We’ve all seen how terrible those look.